1. Ability to act a professionally and as a role model for other healthcare workers to Comply with local and national requirements.
  2. I attend on time for all duties and have ability to organise and prioritise workload as a matter of routine along with knowing how to delegate or seek assistance when required.
  3. Capability to supervise and organise other team members to ensure timely delivery of care.
  4. I have always Taken personal responsibility for clinical decisions and justified my actions and have the capacity to accept responsibility for any personal errors and can take suitable action including seeking senior advice, apologising, making appropriate records and notifications.
  5. I have always considered the patient as a whole.
  6. I have always preferred to work with patients and colleagues to develop individual care plans.
  7. I always respect patients’ right to refuse treatment and/or decline involvement in research.
  8. Ability to act with empathy, honesty and sensitivity in a non-confrontational manner.
  9. I have always focused to recognise that the decisions of an individual with capacity are paramount.
  10. I have always respected the known wishes of the patient and decisions taken in advance.
  11. Have good ability to discuss management options with patients and encourage them to make informed decisions.
  12. Ability to obtain and correctly document consent for core procedures along with assessing mental capacity to give consent and obtaining valid consent by giving each patient the information they want or need
  13. Capacity to recognise when consent or refusal is invalid due to lack of capacityand have an understanding of the principle of involving the child in the decision making process when they are able to understand and consider the options
  14. I have always practised in accordance with the legislation and national and local guidelines and demonstrated understanding of the risks of legal and disciplinary action.
  15. Capacity to describe, apply and ensure the principles of confidentiality for patients and to comply with information governance standards regarding personal information.
  16. I have the ability to describes when confidential information may be shared with third parties e.g. police.
  17. I Can Complete statutory documentation correctly e.g. death certificates
  18. I have the capacity to perform mental state examination and assessment of cognition and capacity.
  19. I have the ability to assess situations when it is appropriate for others to make decisions on behalf of patients and that treatment may be provided against a patient’s expressed wishes.
  20. I have the ability to Recognise the potentially vulnerable patient and can demonstrate understanding of the principles of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and manages situations where safeguarding concerns may exist
  21. I have always acted to keep abreast of educational/training requirements.
  22. I can demonstrates change and improvement in practice through reflection and feedback.
  23. I can Identify and address my personal learning needs.
  24. I have delivered teaching sessions and presentations.
  25. I have demonstrated improvement in teaching skills as a result of feedback and have assessed other healthcare professionals and have provided constructive feedback.
  26. I have good ability to introduce myself to patient/carer/relative stating name and roleto communicate clearly, politely, considerately, with understanding and empathyforproviding the necessary/desired information including complex information.
  27. I can check patients’ understanding of options and informationand ensure that patients are able to ask questions and make personal choicesalong with responding to patients’ queries or concerns.
  28. I can Seek/provide additional support when patient’s ability to communicate is impairedand Break bad news compassionately and supportively
  29. I have good command over managing consultation/communication in time limited environments e.g. outpatients.
  30. I always act in open and transparent way and notify all appropriate persons including the patient when safety has (or potentially has) been compromisedand act to prevent/mitigate situations which might lead to complaint or dissatisfactionto deal appropriately with angry/distressed/dissatisfied patients/carers.
  31. I have always maintained accurate, legible and contemporaneous patient records.
  32. I have worked effectively within the healthcare team for the benefit of patient care for making clear, concise and timely referrals to other healthcare professionalsto produce timely, legible letters or discharge summaries that identify principle diagnoses, key treatments/interventions, discharge medication and follow up, thus demonstrating the  ability to make referrals across boundaries/through networks of care.
  33. I have always given structured handover to ensure safe continuing care of patientsand made adequate arrangements for cover e.g. handing over bleep. This allocates and prioritises tasks during handoverand anticipates and identifies problems for the next clinical team/shift.
  34. I always contribute to multidisciplinary team meetings anddemonstrate initiative e.g. recognising pressures on others along with providing support.
  35. I always focus on leading within allocated roles and demonstrating leadership during routine tasks.
  36. I have often demonstrated extended leadership role by managing some complex situations and by supervising and supporting other team members.
  37. I have the ability to respond promptly to deterioration or concern regarding a patient’s condition and to prioritise tasks according to clinical urgency.
  38. I have good ability to recognise, manage and report serious drug reactions.
  39. I have been trained to recognise and promptly assesses the acutely ill patient using an Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure (ABCDE) approach.
  40. I have the ability to perform rapid, focused assessment of illness severity particularly of the patient who presents an acute risk to themselves or to others in the context of mental disorder or incapacity.
  41. I can initiate prompt appropriate management to stabilise/prevent further deterioration.
  42. I have the capacity to deliver immediate therapy to an acutely ill patient.
  43. I have always recorded and acted on changes in physiological status of patients.
  44. I have always focused on communicating with the patient, relatives and carers, ensuring they are supported.
  45. I have always reassessed acutely ill patients to monitor efficacy of interventions.
  46. I have always recognised when a patient should be moved to a higher level of care and have communicated with relatives/friends/carers in acute situations and offered support.
  47. I possess the ability to recognise acute progression and new complications of long term conditions along with recognising how acute illness or injury will interact with pre-existing chronic illness.
  48. I can perform primary review of new referrals within the hospital or outpatient clinicand can review long term drug regimes.
  49. Have the ability to assess and manage the impact of long term mental disorder on the presentation and course of acute physical illness, and vice versa.
  50. Have the ability to recognise frailtyand formulates individual patient management plan based on frailty and clinical needs. Thus, prescribing with an understanding of the impact of increasing age, weight loss and frailty on drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  51. I can perform a comprehensive geriatric assessmentand describe the impact of activities of daily living on long term conditions.
  52. I have the capacity to evaluates patients’ capacity to self-care, including mental health aspectsand can organise relevant therapy for patients with long term mobility problems.
  53. I have always encouraged and assisted my patients to make realistic decisions about their care
  54. I can recognise eating disorders, seek senior input and refer to specialist service and formulate a plan for investigation and management of weight loss or weight gain.
  55. I have always shown keen interest in obtaining and presenting accurate and relevant patient history andperforming competent physical and mental state examination in a timely manner.
  56. I have grip over Presenting examination, including mental state, findings succinctly and accurately
  57. I prefer to Use a chaperone, where appropriate.
  58. Have ability to perform focused physical/mental state examination in time limited environments.
  59. I can formulate appropriate physical/mental health differential diagnoses.
  60. I can request and interpret necessary investigations to confirm diagnosis.
  61. I can take account of probabilities in ranking differential diagnoses.
  62. Have the ability to perform primary review of new referrals within the hospital or outpatient clinic.
  63. I often formulate problem list and confirms management plan with more senior doctor.
  64. I focus on performing an accurate cognitive assessment to screen for dementia and delirium.
  65. I can refine problem lists and can develop appropriate strategies for further investigation.
  66. I regularly review, amends differential diagnosis and expedite patient investigation.
  67. I anticipates and ensure patients are prepared for discharge.
  68. I make early referral within the multidisciplinary team and to community agencies.
  69. I liaise with the patient, family and carers and supporting teams about follow up.
  70. I always ensure correct identification of patients when collecting and labelling samples and when reviewing results.
  71. I focus on minimising risk of exposing a pregnant woman to radiation and explain to patients the risks, possible outcomes and implications of results.
  72. Prescribes medicines correctly and accurately
  73. Demonstrates understanding of responsibilities and restrictions with regard to prescribing high risk medicines
  74. With regards to medication I perform dosage calculations accurately, review previous prescriptions and transcribes accurately and appropriately, describe the potential hazards related to different routes of drug administration, follow the guidance relating to self-prescribing/prescribing for friends and family, prescribe controlled drugs using appropriate legal framework, describe the importance of security issues in respect of prescriptions, prescribe according to relevant guidance in antimicrobial therapy.
  75. I prefer to discuss drug treatment and administration with patients/carers and obtain an accurate drug history along with recognising and initiating action for adverse effects of drugs and reporting them.
  76. I demonstrate understanding of and respect for decisions not to attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  77. I always focus on explaining to patients the possible effects of lifestyle and to make them recognise the impact of wider determinants of health and advice on preventative measures with reference to local and national guidelines.
  78. I can manage palliative and end of life care patients well
  79. I can confirm death by conducting appropriate physical examination and behave professionally and compassionately when confirming by following the law and statutory codes of practice governing completion of Certificates of Death and notes details in the patient record.
  80. I can also demonstrate understanding of circumstances requiring reporting death to coroner or equivalent and then discuss the benefits of post mortem examination and explains the process to relatives/carers.
  81. I always work within the limits of competency and call for senior help and advice in a timely manner
  82. I have always focused on using clinical guidelines and protocols and care pathways
  83. I have always focused on delivering healthcare within clinical governance frameworks under senior direction
  84. I can describe the mechanisms to report critical incidents/near missesand can discuss risk reduction strategies and principles of significant event analysis
  85. I always describe the risks to patients if personal performance is compromised, how stress, fatigue and medications can reduce personal performance, why health problems must not compromise patient care, + the need to report personal health problems
  86. I notify appropriate individuals for planned or unexpected absences and seek support appropriately regarding health or emotional concerns.
  87. I have grip over describing role of human factors in medical errors and taking steps to minimise these.
  88. I have always demonstrated consistently high standard of practice in infection control techniques and safe aseptic technique, correctly disposing of sharps + clinical waste and Request screening for any disorder which could put other patients or staff at risk.
  89. I always inform the competent authority of notifiable diseases.
  90. I have always recognised the need for immunisations and ensured own are up to date.
  91. Take appropriate microbiological specimens in a timely fashion with safe technique.
  92. I have contributed to quality improvement and shown evidence of involvement in quality improvement initiatives in healthcare along with making quality improvement link to learning/professional development.
    1. I seek, find, appraise and act on information related to medical practice and critically review research and, where appropriate, presents findings.

An Alarming Message About Healthcare and COVID-19 in New York City…

Anticipating a rather controversial response to this message – Original Here – the alert has been copied to retain distribution.  The EAM is provided by a nurse practitioner to notify a larger audience. Prayerfully and hopefully, the outlined issues are isolated.  Message relay presented without commentary:

An Alarming Message About Healthcare and COVID-19 in New York City…


  • 2011
    Secondary School Certificate
    Board of Secondary Education Gujranwala

Sialkot public school, Sialkot

  • 2013
    Higher Secondary Certificate
    Board of Intermediate Education Gujranwala

Superior college for boys, Sialkot

  • 2018

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

University of Punjab

  • 2019

Ameer-ud-din medical college, PGMI, Lahore

             University of Health Sciences, Lahore

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